With a huge population and good infrastructure

Apart from being the largest city in Southern United States, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States of America and the most populous city in Texas. With a huge population and good infrastructure it is not hard to guess why cars dealership businesses in the region are thriving. The sale of used cars in Houston has been practiced for a long time and continues to take to date. Also find auto refinance bad credit 

Below are some of the used cars that are found in Houston:

Demo, fleet and rental cars – these are cars owned by mostly by companies. In such cases, the companies are the sellers.

Auctions – second-hand car options are also common in Houston and can make a good source of used cars.

Salvage titled – such cars are also available for sale but one is only advised to buy them after in-depth research on the targeted car.

Used electric cars

Pre-owned vehicles that are certified – they are a recommended choice because in most cases they are more affordable.

Used trucks

Classic cars

Whereas there are many legit used car dealerships in Houston it is important to note that there are also fraudsters in the same business. Such fraudster may either sell you a stolen car or simply sell you a bad car. Some of the common used car frauds in the region include:

Some vehicle owners can easily dupe sellers by title washing; that way, the new owner might not be aware of the real damage of the newly purchased car. This mostly takes place in situations where the car being sold is of a ‘salvaged’ status.

VIN cloning – this are situations where the car being sold was legally acquired by the seller.

Some dealers may dupe their buyers that the warranties of the cars being sold are still valid even after the warranties are outdated or terms of such warranties have been broken one way or the other.

Some sellers find a way of obtaining deposits from buyers before the actual sale and then they run with the buyers’ money.

Some salespersons at times lie about details of the sale to get the buyer to visit their shops and then get back on their words in hopes that the buyer will do the purchase anyway since she/he is already present.

Fake certificates of a ‘certified’ car. This is mostly done because most buyers prefer the certified cars.

Other fraudsters simply tamper with the mileage of the used car and set it to a misleading figure.

Some dealers pose as private sellers so that they can avoid some fees and charges.

You can avoid such frauds by:

Gauging by the cost of the car. Though it is important to note that, just because a car is less costly it does not necessarily mean that it is a bad car. A test drive and inspection are recommended.

Being vigilant and doing a thorough research.

Check the insurance policy of the vehicle as well as any warranties that are still valid.

You are required to register the newly purchased vehicle with your name within 20 working days according to the Texas law. There are also other sale charges and fees applicable by law for different types of used car sales in Houston.