What to do when your car engine overheats

Owning a car brings with it lots of responsibility. You need to maintain it well to ensure it gives consistent and powerful performance all through the year, through all seasons. It is only if you take care of your car well can you prevent its engine from heating up and causing lots of inconvenience.

This is a problem which is especially common with used cars. Engines tend to overheat during the hot summer season, and many don’t know what to do in such a situation. This is why these tips should be helpful in preventing any engine damages occurring due to overheating of your car engine.

If your car engine overheats, you need to handle the situation by:

·         First pulling over the vehicle to a safe spot and then quickly turning off the engine and giving it time to cool off. Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap or pour water on the engine. Water should be poured onto the engine only after it’s completely cooled off.
·         Turning off the air conditioner as soon as you notice any signs of your car engine overheating. Then roll down all the windows and you should immediately notice any hint of overheating. The best way to transfer heat away from the engine is by putting on the heater on maximum.
·         Keeping your vehicle in neutral and parking it somewhere safe if it overheats when you are stuck in traffic. Its okay if you try reviving the engine as it helps speed up the fan and water pump. However avoid using brakes too much when stuck in traffic as this increases the pressure on your car engine. This advice however helps speed up the cooling process.
·         Periodically monitoring your car’s cooling system. This is because at times, some leakage may be the cause for the failure of your cooling system. There is a chance of your car temperature gauge breaking and thus requiring immediate replacement. The best way to avoid all this is by taking appropriate measures and in the process, help eradicate major problems.

Make a mental note of all the above mentioned car tips as it can prove helpful at extending your car’s life and thus improving your driving experience. You never know when your car engine may overheat; but with this information, you know how to react and act if your car engine overheats. You thus end up in a better position to effectively tackle this tricky situation.