What makes Porsche 911 so special

Porsche is today one of the most successful luxury racing car brands in the world. The company has released various Porsche models over the years, however it is only one particular model that has grown rather popular, respectable and successful in the market today, and that is the Porsche 911.

This is a true sports car symbolized with its flat, stretched and muscular silhouette that is made of lightweight aluminum steel. Its optimized aerodynamic system lets users enjoy a great run around the course with reduced lift and a great drag value. Its classic wide arched wings are paired off with big wheels to give a beefy stance.

Optimum speed

Regarding its engine, the 911 runs on a 3.6L to 3.4L direct-injected flat six engine which delivers as high as 350 of engine horsepower. Its new gearbox is a mix of the comfort of an automatic transmission and the flexibility of a racing system’s gearshift, wherein the car runs on seven forward gears.

Moreover, its 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time can be achieved within 4.4 seconds. It is all these features which has improved the lap time records for the Porsche by a maximum of 40 seconds.

Outstanding interiors

Regarding its interiors, the Porsche 911 Carrera comes with a driver-friendly environment so that the driver can easily and comfortably wield the vehicle’s power. To provide for easy access from the steering wheel, the car’s center console is placed closer to the front on a higher mounted gear selector. In addition to all this, the car also offers advanced navigation instruments with a high resolution, multi-functional screen which sits on the central counter.

Unlike other luxury cars, the Porsche boasts of excellent fuel efficiency wherein it needs only 10 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers. So with the car’s seven-speed manual transmission system, auto start/stop mechanism, thermal management, electro-mechanical power steering and electrical system recuperation, the car’s fuel consumption and emission is reduced by as much as 16%, without any compromise on the car’s agility, stability and precision.

Looking at all these features, it is no wonder that the Porsche is such a popular vehicle today. So if you have money to spend and want to invest in a good vehicle, then it’s time you visit your local Porsche dealership and test drive a Porsche 911 Carrera today to end up the talk of the town!