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<h1> All about prepaid maintenance plans! </h1>


By Fred Patrick - Pre-paid maintenance plans are offered in buying new and used cars. Some people get confused and mix it with extended warranty. However, these prepaid maintenance plans are different. These plans cover a particular mileage or time. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of this plan. Read the below points and then decide whether you should go for this plan or not.


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The benefit of buying this plan is having a discount and a good maintenance policy from the dealer. Usually, people who buy these prepaid maintenance plans are given some discount for a specific period. In addition to this, it bounds you to maintain your car properly which can otherwise be neglected due to busy schedule. Besides this, it helps in maintaining a good relationship with one dealer and open ways for more discounts in future. In addition to this, the cost of prepaid maintenance is also added in your overall financing of the car and thus in this way, it is paid in installments. Not only is this, but it also adds simplicity in your life.



As far as the drawbacks of this pre-paid maintenance plan are concerned, they include restriction of a particular dealer. Yes, in some cases, it becomes difficult for us to reach the particular dealer for maintenance but due to the pre –paid payment we have to go there.  In addition to this, some modern and luxurious cars do not require any maintenance; in this scenario, it becomes useless to have this prepaid plan for maintenance. Apart from it, another drawback is that the scheduled dates for maintenance are also very long. Since the dealers have many customers, they will give a time that suits their schedule. Thus, at times it becomes a hassle to take your car for maintenance.



Thus, these maintenance plans have both benefits and drawbacks. One should know the entire policy before going to take this plan for their car. These plans also vary from one dealer to another. Thus, do some research and then purchase this option if it suits you. *Cars and trucks for sale by owner* do not have these plans. They are just offered by the dealer. Used trucks Houston dealers also offer such plans to the customers. **Dealerships in Houston** are reliable and their policies are fair enough. You can also search such dealers online and get a suitable prepaid maintenance plan as per your needs. Consult with your dealer and buy a package if you are in need!