The upcoming lower priced Chevy Volt

By Fred Patrick - Car lovers are always waiting for the new arrivals at the start of each ear. This wait becomes more exciting when the upcoming car is lower priced. This article will shed light on the upcoming Chevy Volt. If you are a true car lover, you will love to read the specifications of this dynamic car. Here you go:


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The former Volt models have been successful in impressing the customers but the sales were not made according to the desired targets. It is due to the reason that customers were not willing to pay the high price when other hybrid cars of the same specifications were available at a lower price. Keeping this in mind, the company has changed its strategy, it has planned to come up with a new model that will have the basic configuration, and the price of this model will be lower than $30,000.



In addition to this, the company will add some great features that will compel the customers to buy the car. These features will primarily focus on low-fuel consumption so that the customers can feel happy in saving the money. Due to this reason, the car has an all-electric driving range. It can let you save huge bucks at thirty-four miles. Thus, you can easily take the car on short trips. In comparison, other competitors such as the hybrid cars of Honda, Toyota and Ford has a shorter EV range. It has been revealed that the coming Chevrolet will have an increase in the electric charge of about twenty percent.



This model will be introduced as an entry-level model and it will be embedded with the basic features along with a small battery pack. However, the price will be low. The question that arises here is that will the potential customers will look forward to buy this cheaper model by compromising on features. The thing is that how much cheaper the cost is and how many features are short in the car. However, one thing is clear that all price-sensitive customers will love to have this car since it has all the basics and is enough to satisfy the needs of a hybrid car.



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