The uber-cool Mercedes Benz S550

The Mercedes is known as luxury vehicle well-known almost all over the world. This car has been famous and made a market for its brand in all markets of the world. Mercedes is having different models, which vary with their functions and advantages. You can also find more information on car brake system here.

All models of Mercedes are well known as luxury cars, but most beautiful and most famous on the market was 2009 Mercedes S550. This model is luxury sedan model, which have very comfortable salon inside and outside the view of the car is just amazing. Most highlighted features of 2009 Mercedes S550 are:

• Night vision system - this is the most important function, which allows you to drive in on a very dark ways.

• Spot warning system - warns the driver, when the lanes to the side of the car are occupied by the other car.

• Comfortable seats - seats with massage function allows the driver to enjoy the ride, even if the road long

Classes of Mercedes

Mercedes is in the market since many years. And this car is still on demand in all market and it is count as luxury car number One in the world.

Further, we will see some of the models of Mercedes, which are famous in the world:

Mercedes is divided into several groups: A, B, C, CLA, CLS, E, G, GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, S, SL, SLC, AMG GT, V.

All models divided into submodel:

A model - Hatchback

B model - Sport Tourer

C model - Sedan, Estate, Coupe, Cabriolet

CLA model - New CLA Coupe

CLC model - Coupe

E model - Sedan, Cabriolet, The New E-class coupe

G model - Cross Country vehicle

GLA model - The new GLA model

GLC model - SUV, GLC Coupe

GLE model - SUV, GLS Coupe

GLS model - SUV

S model - Sedan, Coupe, Cabriolet, Maybach

SL model - Roadster

SLC model - SLC model

AMG GT model - Coupe, Roadster, AMG GT-R

V model - People Carrier

The 2009 Mercedes S550 sedan comes with the new gasoline engine, it was offered with the 5.5-liter V8 engine. This model comes with new cutting edge technical feature and with radar-based cruise control and the night vision system.

When you plan to purchase this model online you better check the car before you confirm the order, and especially if you will check with any car expert. This will make you be 100% sure. As we are aware Mercedes is luxury car known all over the world so to not to fail in your choice do a test drive so you may be able to check the car in general.

Mercedes is the most famous car even if you are going to get used Mercedes you will overall enjoy your driving with this car. These cars are most expensive and number one luxury in the world.