The 2016 BMW 7 series actually parks itself

The 2016 BMW-7 comes with the special ability of parking itself.! Yes, it lets you reach a narrow spot, step out and then on pressing a command on the key fob, the car guides itself into the space. When you return, you just have to push a button on the fob and the car starts backing itself out so that you can comfortably climb in without any risk of damaging the expensive aluminum doors.
This feature is however limited to nose-in parking and you need to let the car know when it has to stop while backing out. While it stops on detecting an obstacle, it can go on backing if it senses clear space behind the car.
The key fob which makes all this magic occur is really interesting. It has an image of the undisguised 7-series on the remote and can be called the remote control of the car. It gives the car its automatic parking capability, basic remote starting and even controls the cabin climate. However with all these capabilities, battery life will be an issue. So at the most, you will be able to use it for four months before you need to recharge it wirelessly, in the center console.
7-series drivers will however continue interacting with the IDrive feature, which is BMW’s latest infotainment suite. It integrates a touchscreen and gesture controls with voice commands and its familiar knob controller into its interface.
You can motion towards the center stack using gesture control to accomplish certain functions. For example you can decline an incoming phone call with a wave of your hand while the radio value can be adjusted with hand circular motions. It’s not sure how this is easier than pressing a steering wheel button but buttons still remain for those stuck in 2013!
The simplest IDrive refinement is the favorite refinement where the system displays a preview of the screen you will see when you select a particular menu option. Previously, you had to choose a menu and wish you got where you wanted to go. However now you can see if you select the right item before clicking. Though minor, it’s a significant improvement in usability.
Like previous BMWs, the 2016-7 series comes with a drive mode selector where you can choose between not only punch up sport, EcoPro and comfort modes but also adjusts the instrument display based on the mode and has an adaptive button which when chosen uses camera information, navigation data and driving style to choose the best mode for the situation.