Some possible reasons of car vibration

Written By Fred Patrick

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Car vibration can be annoying and may put the driver in trouble. In this article, we will talk about some reason of car vibration. Check your car carefully and take it to the mechanic if your car is vibrating. Some possible reason for car vibration includes bad tire inflation, low quality of fuel mixture, weak a/c compressor, weak engine, and so on.
Vibration due to bad tire inflation can occur when the car is in motion. It is therefore recommended to check the tire pressure. Keep in mind that the tire pressure of front tires is less than the tire pressure of rear tires. Do check the tire pressure and take your car to the mechanic if you see some fluctuations. On the other hand, one should always go for a good quality fuel. If you use low quality fuel mixture, then the reason why your car is vibrating is the engine problem. Low quality fuel affects the engine and thus the entire car is affected. It might save some amount in the short run but for the long run, it is dangerous. In addition to this, a weak compressor is another common cause of car vibration.

If your car is vibrating, check the a/c compressor first. When the car is motionless, press the accelerator to the maximum level and let it decelerate. Now, notice if some noise is coming out or not. If you hear any noise, your car is vibrating due to a weak a/c compressor. Old cars have a high frequency of vibration in comparison to the new ones. The engine oil or the fuel gradually affects the engine and then make it dangerous for your car. On the other hand, there can be many other reasons for vibration. Conduct a self-check first, if you did not find any specific reason; take your car to the mechanic immediately. One should not ignore car vibration as it can lead towards serious issues if delayed. Make sure to use good quality fuel and keep an eye on the tire pressure.

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