Simple ways to determine the quality of the car paint

Written By Fred Patrick

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Whether you are buying a new car or a used one, determining the quality of the car paint is essential. This analysis is imperative especially when you are purchasing an old car. It is due to the reason that old cars are repainted. Thus, one should evaluate the thickness of the paint before purchasing a car. Thickness of car paint is usually measured in a specific unit called mils. Experts are of the view that the ideal paint thickness for a car should range between 6 and 8 mils. Let us see some techniques to measure the paint thickness. Here you go:

There are a number of devices available to measure the car paint thickness. Besides measuring the thickness of paint, one should also see the uniformity in car paint. Observing this is simple; just have a detailed look of the car. You should observe it from the near as well as distant position. Likewise, the car should be observed in both day and night timings. If the paint is not even on the entire body of the car, you should raise your concern. Now, visit a car shop and purchase any device for measuring the car paint. Some devices used for this purpose include an eddy current device, mechanical gauge, and ultrasonic device and so on. The procedure of each device is different and it is better to read the manual to understand its use. Mechanical gauge works only on steel portions while the eddy current device works on the aluminum portions of the car. If you are using a mechanical gauge, keep in mind that the effort used to remove the gauge from the car is directly proportional to the thickness of the paint.

On the other hand, an eddy device tells you the thickness by creating a magnetic field. Since the covering portion of both the devices is different, it is advisable to go for the product that has both the functions. In this way, you do not have to buy two different devices. Some dealerships in Houston assist in buying used cars as well as analyzing the condition of old cars. You can buy used cash cars for sale and get them inspected by the professional experts before placing an order. Besides this, buy here pay here used cars are also available with good quality paint and smooth driving dynamics.  Start visiting some car websites and pick the best one!