Simple and easy ways to remove scratches from your car

Written By Fred Patrick

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Scratches on the car affect the overall look and appearance. These scratches look annoying but there are some simple ways to remove them easily. You do not have to spend hefty amount for this. Buy an acetone, a sponge, a cotton cloth, rubbing compound, sand paper, wax, and car polish. Here is the procedure to remove these annoying scratches from your car:

The first step is to clean the area of your car that has a scratch. You can dissolve any car detergent in warm water and use a soft sponge for cleaning. Once you are done with it, the next step is to use acetone for cleaning that area. Keep on rubbing the area with acetone until the scratch is removed. This might require some time but it is helpful in removing the scratch easily. If you notice that the scratch is still there even after rubbing the acetone for so long, use a rubbing compound as your next technique. Take sandpaper and wet it with warm water. This technique is used as a second option when acetone does not work. Remember to use the sandpaper of high grit, normally between 2000-3000. It is recommended to put few drops of car detergent on the sand paper before the warm water so that it can become slippery and you can remove the scratch easily.

After using this technique, clean the car area with a soft cotton cloth. In the end, inspect carefully if there are some more scratches on the car. If the scratch is very light and only noticeable when observed keenly, a car wax or a car polish is enough. Visit any auto shop and buy a good quality car wax for your car. Apply the car wax and cover your car paint with it. Car wax is also essential to be used after using acetone and rubbing compound.

Thus, removing scratches from the car is not that difficult. One should be patient and try using these techniques. If your car has scratches and you are no longer willing to use it, contact mi familia autos. You can trade in your old car with the new one through buy here pay here Houston TX car lots. You can even sell your junk car for cash easily. All you need to do is to search the right dealer. You can visit different websites that purchase old cars and get the best deal.

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