Selecting the best oil for your car

Written By Fred Patrick


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If you have a car, you should know the importance of lubricating its parts. Different types of fluids are used in the car to keep its parts working properly. Engine is one of the most important parts of the car, and to keep the engine away from damage, we use oil for it. We usually take the car to the workshop and ask for oil change without even knowing which oil is better for our car. In this article, we will discuss the best oil for your car. Here you go:



A simple way to analyze car oil is to look at its viscosity. This viscosity can be judged with the number written on the oil bottle. Car oil is available in different plastic bottles with details mentioned on it. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) gives grades to oil based on its viscosity. One rule of thumb is that, the higher the viscosity, the greater grade it will be. Some oils do have a number with a letter W. The letter “W” is indicated for low temperature requirement. Besides this, this number is often associated with the weight of the oil. The type of oil your car needs usually depends on the car you have and the climate of your country. Besides this, keep in mind that the car oil will become thick if the temperature is cold and it will turn thin if the temperature is warm. Some people also use multi-viscosity oils in the car so that it can suit any climatic condition.



We can broadly categorize the types of oil into three different names such as synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional. The cheapest among these is the conventional but there is high risk of using it. It is due to the reason that conventional oil is highly reactive to temperatures. In comparison to this, synthetic oil is better as it is less reactive and provides additional benefits. It will cost three times more than the conventional but people who are caring about their car engines opt for this oil. If your car’s engine has become too old and worn out, you can easily trade in your old car with the new one. Besides this, in-house auto financing Houston TX provides you the benefit of getting a new car on easy terms and conditions. Sell the old car to “we buy cars Houston dealers” and get good cash. Search for reliable auto sales in house financing and get a new car. Do remember to follow oil tips for your new car.