Remember that you can only proceed through an intersection


Remember that you can only proceed through an intersection if and only if the front part of your vehicle has already entered the area before the stoplight actually turns red. When people say entered the area, it means that the front end of your vehicle has already crossed the limit line, the marked or the unmarked crosswalk line. Most states actually have this ordinance and rule that if the red light changes and your front bumper is already in the intersection, chances are that you would not be getting any ticket for running a red light.

To avoid U-turn violations, you should try turning left somewhere else instead of making this move in a business district or across a traffic island. You should U-turn in a residential area and some highways even allow it. However, you should be cautious to see and check if there is no other car approaching within some 200 feet of your car. If you do not know 200 feet, it could be approximated to around 12 car lengths.

When driving on roads or streets, make sure that you maintain a distance behind that one in front of you. Do not attempt to tailgate. Make sure that the distance between your vehicle and that one in front of you should be equal to around a car length, which is for every 10 miles per hour that you are driving. Not only are you avoiding any kind of ticket, you also are saving yourself and other people from harm.

You should pass another vehicle only in designated areas. This does not mean that you should pass only when there is a solid line in your lane. You should follow this rule for you are in more ways than one not interfering with the safe operation of any vehicle that is traveling in your direction.

Speeding is only one way to getting a ticket from those traffic enforcers and traffic authority personnel. That is why it is important that you do know how to follow rules and regulations when you are out driving on the highway or on the streets. You see, tickets could cost you much and could also be added in your records.
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