Preparing a car for long term storage

Written By Fred Patrick


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Whether it is time for vacation, an office trip, or any other reason, we sometimes need to store our car. If we leave it in the garage without taking any measures, it is likely that we will be getting a dead battery, seized engine, ruined tires, and much more. Thus, it is imperative to take some measure before locking a car in a garage for a long time. In this article, we will talk about these measures. Here you go:


-          Select a place

The first thing is to decide the place where you will keep the car. Garage is the most suitable place for it as it is covered and the temperature will be more or less same. People, who do not have a garage at home, buy a garage on rent so that the car will be safe and protected.


-          Cleaning and covering

After deciding the place, the next thing is to clean your car thoroughly. Leaving the car without a car will put you in trouble. It is due to the reason that bird dropping, dust, and water stains can affect the paint of your car. Besides this, sunlight will also affect the interior of the car. Thus, keep the car covered with a readymade cover available in the market. Giving your car a wax coat is more protective.


-          Charging the battery

Battery problem is very common when people store their car for more than thirty days. It is imperative to charge your battery before leaving the car. On the other hand, it will be helpful if you ask your neighbor to charge the battery after some days and start the car for five to ten minutes. This will keep the battery and engine in proper working position.


-          Filling the tank and changing oil

Similarly, if you are going for a long trip, fill the car tank and change oil. This will be protective for your car and will keep the engine in proper condition.

Leaving the car in garage for plenty of days is not a good thing. However, if you have no other option, try using these tips to protect your car. If you cannot manage to take all these steps, you can sell your car for cash. Dealerships in Houston are reliable and you can buy a new one through trade-in after getting back home. Selling your car to a dealer for cash is simple. Either take all protective measures or sell it before leaving!