One among the survey inquiries was to substantiate the male at the moment owns a Mercedes


One among the surveyinquiries was to substantiatethemaleat the moment owns a Mercedes. Down belowwill be thequestionswe haveaskedas well asanswerswe havereceived.

1. Would you instead go on thedate and commit $300.00 for theextravagantsupper or obtain new rims for $1000.00 on your Mercedes? a) Go over aday and expend $300.00 54% b) Obtain new rims for $1,000.00 46%

2. What does one do if thevery first time date spills coffeeinside of your Mercedes? a) Tell her not toworry about that and cleanse the spill. 36% b) Request her nicelyto becomeextrawatchfulsubsequent time and thoroughly clean the spill. 27% c) Receive aminimal ticked off and explain to her to wash the spill. 19% d) Get actually upset and talk to her to obtainout ofthe vehicle. 18%

3. Two sizeableeventstranspired yesterday - you went with afirstdayand she or he was incredibly hotand you also also purchasedmodel new Mercedes Benz CLK. What's thevery firstfactoryou believe of whenever youget upin the morning? a) Brand name new Mercedes Benz 78% b) Sizzlingdate 22%

4. You park your shiny silver Mercedes Benz CLK 55AMG and along with youradorabledaystepon the sidewalk. A man passing by helps make a remark, "she's hot". What do you do? a) You smile, say "Thank You" and tap the roof of one's Mercedes. 64% b) You smile, say "Thank You" and hug your day. 36%

5. You spend the nightwith all yourwomangood friend at her spotwith your Mercedes Benz parked in her driveway. In the morningthe thing ismassive scratch about theaspectof yourauto. What is your reaction? a) Pretend you did notobservenearly anything and say almost nothing to her. 31% b) You check with your girlfriend if she has any concept of who might have donesuch a horrendous thing. 37% c) Commence panicking, managingclose to and ask her to call 911. 15% d) You see the scratch, say nothing, bouncein thecar or truck and go away. You hardly ever return her phone callsfollowing that. 17%

As you can see with thestudyoutcomesthere have been some fascinating and intriguing answers. In theseuncomfortablesituations with espresso spills or scratches the vast majoritywith themennevertheless would considerwith regards to their dates initial. Nevertheless thesolutions to issues about thinking about new Mercedes vs hotdate or "she's hot" commentended upkind of unpredicted. It isclear that guysthem selves are amazedfar more by their very hot Mercedes rides than ladies. But no less thanladiesacquireon the subject ofexpending $300.00 to get adinner vs $1,000.00 for your rims. In summary we are able toinform that in general male Mercedes house owners are gentlemen who each timelisten toterm "hot" considerregarding their Mercedes Benz.