No matter if you have a motorbike

No matter if you have a motorbike, an SUV, a sedan or a classic car you it is important that you always keep it well maintained. Not only does this minimize your repair expenses, but also prolongs the life of your car. So these tips should prove helpful at maintaining your car both cosmetically and mechanically.

1. You can tell how your engine runs by taking a look at the spark plugs. If they are clean, it means your engine is running well. However if they are black, you have to adjust the plug gap as fuel does not burn properly. If the spark plugs are brown in color, it means it’s time to replace them and also check the engine tuning.

2. Many people have the habit of resting their foot on the clutch pedal while driving. However this is not a good practice as a slightly depressed clutch pedal only wears out the clutch faster while reducing its efficiency.

3. Always check the engine oil and change the transmission oil, power steering oil, engine oil, etc. It’s important that your car has good quality oil in it as it keeps your engine running smooth and thus reduces friction while minimizing efficiency losses.

4. It’s always better to tank up early in the morning as the lower temperatures mean you can get more bang for your money.

5. Though it may be hot, it’s better for your car and pocket if you don’t use the air-conditioner at lower speeds as it uses lots of engine power and consumes more fuel. Even rolling up the windows at higher speeds reduces the aero drag.

6. Drive your car with love and shift gears only when required. Do not drive at low speeds on a higher gear or rev too much in a gear. If possible, maintain a range of 1,500 rpm to 2000 rpm as it gives you optimum overall economy without any compromise on your speed or the drive fun.

7. As the aerodynamic drag is practically twice as much as two figures when your speedometer shows three figures, your car ends up burring more fuel to maintain your speed. This is why you should always keep the speedometer in check. Moreover, the chances of your surviving a crash is always higher while driving at sub three speeds!

8. Plan your driving as you do other things in life. If you are approaching a speed breaker, signal or toll booth, it’s better to lift-off early and coast to your destination instead of going on with the power on and suddenly braking heavily. Use brakes as minimally as possible, and minimize gear shifts by planning all overtaking maneuvers. Aim at gliding your way through the drive instead of muscling it and your car will give you the most economical figures possible. If you follow these 8 little tips, you will definitely find your car performing much better than usual!