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<h2> How to detect a flood damaged car? </h2>

Written By Fred Patrick


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There are a number of things that need to be checked when buying a used car. Among these things, flood damage detection is one of the vital factors. In this article, we will discuss about some ways to check if the used cars is flood damaged. Here you go:


The most important thing is to have a keen eye on the car. Yes, be vigilant and careful in checking the car. Do not just keep your focus on the exterior interior focus is also essential. See if there are any signs of rust and corrosion. Floods commonly cause corrosion and rust to the car. Carefully inspect the doors, screws and area below the dashboard. Besides this, it is also imperative to check the trunk space and the springs in the car.

Besides this, the fabrics used in the car should also be noticed. Usually, the fabric shows signs of water stain when the car is hit by flood. For this, you need to look at the seat covers as well as the carpet and the mats. Raise an eyebrow if you see new seat covers and new carpet in a used car. In addition to this, pull the carpet up and check the floor of the car. Flood-damaged cars have signs of water on the floor thus, it is essential to check the floor for rusting and corrosion.


Not only is this, but it is essential to check the electrical system of the car. One common sign of flood-damaged car is brittle wires. Start the car and notice if there are any noises coming out of the engine. Water is injurious for the engine and electrical system of the car. Apart from it, it is essential to do an oil check. If the oil turns pale, there is some problem with the car. On the other hand, if it turns dark, the car is perfect in terms of engine and power. In short, detecting a flood-damaged car is not so difficult. All you need is a careful inspection of every part of the car.



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