Just about every thing during the cabin is managed


Just aboutevery thingduring the cabin is managedthroughan individual mouse-like interface referred to as iDrive. BMW's controversial method controls the heater, the radio, the navigation program. Incredibletechnological know-how sets the BMW 7collectionother than its competition. Silent, hiddenfollowers and heating aspectsgreat or warm your rear close or your smoothdrink; microchips can detect a skidding tire or implement the brakes totalforce just in the event youwere being distracted by a phonesimply call; electric power sunshades hold the sunlight off your rear travellers as adaptive headlights turnusing thevehicle.

BMW's iDrive interface
method is common on all 7Seriesproducts, and canworkvirtuallyall the thingsin theauto, from stereo to local climate controls to telephone to navigation, with aone mouse-like manage. Commonbasic safetyfeaturesinvolvedual frontal airbags, driver and front-passenger side-impact airbags, and BMW's Head SafetyProcedure, which amountsinto a full-length, tube-shaped curtain on both sides on the cabin for front and rear head safetyin asideeffect. Also common is BMW's Active Knee Protection, unique inflatable airbags that shieldfront passengers' knees. Its Anti-lock brakes, traction control and digitalbalancehandleaidmotoristsmanagecommand and avoidincidents

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