Infiniti QX56 provides

<h1> How the Infiniti QX56 provides you the drive of joy? </h1>
Written by Fred Patrick

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The completely redesigned and the last production model of the Infiniti QX56 was in 2011, however, it continued to produce with minimal changes in 2012 and 2013. This second generation QX56 brings better suspension integrated on another level, more power and refinement.  The vehicle type is based on a full-fledged SUV, rather a full-sized pickup truck as its previous models were. Inside the doors, the luxurious QX56 has seven or eight seats inside certainly to give every passenger full control on individual riding comfort. The exterior has 20-inch wheels and facelift includes xenon lights. It is also equipped with multiple technological features like tri-zone automatic climate control, camera system, a power-folding third-row bench seat, second-row bucket seats, 13-speaker Bose audio system, an 8-inch touch screen with navigation and real time traffic and weather alerts.

The QX560 offers a wide range of safeguarding features as optional, allotting a marginal cost which includes active suspension system, twin screen rear entertainment system, ventilated front seats, adaptive cruise control and high-tech safety designed to avoid casualties to occupants during accidents. The engine is powered with a 5.6-liter 8 cylinder with 400 horsepower output level at 5800 RPM range and 413 ft-lb of torque at 4000 RPM range. It is considerably fuel efficient, getting fuel economy 14 mpg in city and 20 mpg on highway.  A seven-speed automatic transmission also comes with manual shift control with rev-matched downshifts, integrating to its brilliance in performance and making the best use of the powerful V8 engine.  The Hill Start Assist and Snow Modes which adjust throttle response for a smooth start when roads are slippery. The all season 4WD system automatically operates all-wheel drive system that continually adjust power between rear and front wheels, but it outputs as rear-biased providing complete out of hundred percent on rear wheels.
It is rear-wheel drive in standard, however, all-wheel is provided optional. 

The QX56 is an impeccable luxury SUV, with a broad range of features and potent V8 being the highlight of the vehicle. The Around View Monitoring system provides an immediate outlook of the right, left and behind, maneuvering the vehicle in parking lots with much more ease and comfort.  The driving provides a smooth refinement with power train and family friendly passenger quarters. Used car warranty companies report the acceleration to be remarkably faultless and fuel economy impressive. Buying used cars online provides buyers a staggering reduced car shipping rates.