In House Financing Car Lots

In House Financing Car Lots

A damaged credit history makes it difficult to get the financing to buy a car. But some In House Financing Car Lots are specialized to offer auto loans to bad credit consumers. These specialty dealerships for bad credit offer custom made, guaranteed credit approval financing packages to their customers who have a challenging credit history. Find more about in house financing car lots 

In House Financing with No Credit Needed somewhat tricky. The process is simple:

* Search the internet, look for In House Financing Car Lots near you.

* Browse their inventory and select the vehicle you want.

* Check all pricing information such as down payment, bi-weekly payments, sale price, terms and conditions, and APR.

* Submit an application online, or in store.

Following documents are needed to get a loan.

- Two Recent Paycheck Stubs

- Utility Bill

- Driver’s License (or ID, Passport, etc.)

- Proof of Insurance

- Down Payment (as negotiated)

* Drive out with your car.

Beware of the scams. Before going to any dealership, first, check their credibility. Read all papers and fine prints. If you are confused about some terms and conditions, discuss with the authorized person at the dealership. Do not sign any document until and unless you are fully satisfied.

And one important think, refuse to take the car out of the lot without finalizing the deal even if the dealer gives you permission to do so. Just say a big NO this might be a scam. These are called tricky or yo-yo deals. Better look for a new dealer who has transparent dealings.

Be alert from this kind of dealership, be sure to finalize your deal is complete with all legal procedures and papers. Ask for your copy of important papers before you take the car home. Bring a witness such as your family member or your friend with you at least during the closing of the deal.

A dealer is reliable when it,

* Provides Vehicle history report

* If offers some kind of warranty or at least optional extended warranty

* Permits you for inspection of the vehicle by your own mechanic

* Offers selection of 2000 + models

* Reports your financial plan to multiple Credit Bureaus

* Has optional trade-in facility available at dealership (this will help in lower down your down payment)

Then this dealership is good to go with.


These are few of the In House Financing Car Lots who have a good reputation in the market.

Liquidators Auto Sales

Address: 1510 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77055

Phone: 713-681-1200


King of Cars Houston (Gulf Fwy)

Address: 6867 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77087

Phone: 713-766-1634


Shabana Motors

Address: 9811 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074

Phone: 713-766-5744


Car Store

Address: 2101 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713) 869-3325


Dixon Motors

Address: 7902 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77037

Phone: (281) 931-1300


Carnes Motor Co

Address: 616 Houston Blvd, South Houston, TX 77587

Phone: (713) 944-1170


Maroney Auto Sales

Address: 16221 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77090

Phone: (713) 691-3800