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Porsche Macan Review 2015


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If you have interest about compact crossover cars, you must have heard about the crossover models of Toyota, Ford, and Audi and so on. In this article, we will discuss about one new compact crossover car that will be launched in the coming year. Yes, it is Porsche Macan 2015. Here are some highlights of it:



Porsche will be available in two versions , the Turbo version and the S version. Both of these versions of the car are available with an all-wheel drive and are equipped with a V6 engine. Along with this, it has a Porsche’s seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission. The driving dynamics of the car are great and it got an official rating of 23 mpg at highway and 17 mpg at city. The car will be available with an optional sports package that can be used to upgrade the car as per your sports riding. 



The design of the car is exclusive and it is suitable for small families. It has a sophisticated touch in it and the interior has been designed with a comfort theme in mind. Along with this, the car has 3D taillights.The interior cabin of the car is available with wood finish and it portrays a more stylish look when upgraded. The leather seats of the car provide a completely new experience of comfort. In addition to this, the car is also suitable for cruising and comes with multiple features such as lane keeping assistance, 40 GB hard drive for MP3, Blind spot monitoring, Turn-by-turn navigation and much more. 



Apart from this, the car is also embedded with a number of safety features and provides enough power for automatic baking at the time of collision. Thus, Porsche Macan 2015 is expected to hit the market with its exclusive designing and high power system. If you love to have a uniquely styled car that has a sporty touch in it, your selection of Porsche is right. Worry not about the pricing of this car, in-house auto financing Houston TX is here to resolve all your queries. Yes, you can easily buy your dream car on lease. In this regard, you can also contact **Mi Familia Autos**. **In house financing auto dealers** are very helpful when buying a car on loan. Their process of paper work and delivering the car is short in comparison to banks. Wait for this amazing car to come and then you can have your memorable ride in it!