How you can become an eco friendly driver

How you can become an eco-friendly driver

Everyone is trying to do their bit for the environment. You too can do your bit by becoming an eco-friendly driver using these few tips. You also enjoy the added bonus of saving on your fuel costs! So here are some dos and don’ts to follow before driving.
·         Check the tire pressure as a well-inflated tire helps reduce fuel consumption through reduced roll resistance. In fact, some estimates maintain that it helps improve your fuel economy by 3%.
·         If you have more than one car, use the car with the best fuel efficiency most of the time.
·         Make sure your engine is properly tuned as its passing the emission test improves fuel economy by 4%.
·         Travel light where possible as unnecessary and extra weight only leads to increased fuel consumption.
·         Always use the recommended grade of engine oil for your vehicle as it improves its fuel economy by 1-2%.
·         If there are any clogged or dirty air filters, replacing them improves the car’s fuel economy by 10%.
·         It’s better to carry items in the boot instead of the vehicle’s roof as it improves your fuel economy <a href="">used mercedes benz houston</a> . Carrying items on the vehicle’s roof increases the aerodynamic drag and can lower fuel efficiency.
While driving
·         If you have a habit of jumping lanes, suddenly accelerating and making sudden starts and stops stop it. You not only make yourself more susceptible to accidents but it also wastes your fuel and lowers fuel economy as much as 33%.
·         Speeding at speeds more than 70km/h also rapidly reduces your fuel economy.
·         Always use the right gears at the right speeds and use the highest gear while cruising. This not only lowers your engine speed but also reduces engine wear and saves fuel. If required, you can learn more about precise shifting of gears in the owner’s manual.
·         Switch off the engine when you idle for more than a minute as your fuel unnecessary burns fuel while going nowhere.
Before driving
·         It’s better to avoid peak rush hours as you end up spending less time sitting in traffic, burn less fuel and also reduces your stress levels!
·         Carpool is a great idea if you have colleagues living nearby. It both reduces your fuel costs and the wear and tear on your vehicle.
·         Last, but not least, plan your trip before sitting in the car. If you have multiple errands to make, plan and combine them. They help reduce your emissions and saves your fuel.