How to wash your car properly

Written By Fred Patrick

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Washing your car is an important aspect of a car because it would remove dirt from different places. Car washing is an important perspective because it would clean all the containments of the car and give your car a fresh look. However, washing your car in a proper way would bring effective results in both the short and the long run. There are certain important principles in washing your car and these principles would directly affect the scenario of car washing. Some of the important aspects are explained below:

Choosing a car wash
There are different car washers available in the market and they are available at different price ranges. Some individuals still opt for dishwashing soaps, cloth cleaners, etc. People should always realize that these products are designed to remove animal or vegetable fat from fired ceramic. It is highly probable that they might not harm the car in the short run but they might negatively affect the color of the car. People should always select proper car shampoo or a car war because they would remove dirt particles from the car and would take care of the color for a long-term period.

Washing tools
Using the least aggressive tools to wash your car would bring effective results. Using soft products as wash mitt, wash pad, sponge or soft brush would be a beneficial choice for your car. These soft products would be easy to use on the surface of the cars and this would create a long lasting impact on the car surface. There are different lubricants available that can be combined with such products and it would be a beneficial mix for the car.

Washing different parts
There are different important parts that should be of core focus when people are washing their respective cars. These parts include aspects like wheels, body and drying of the car. Wheels are the core dust carriers and they should be washed properly with hard washing tools so that they dust should be kept out. However, body of the car would be dealt softly to take care of the color and finally car should wiped off with a dry cloth to make sure that any dust residual are not present.
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