How to inspect used tires for your car

Written By Fred Patrick

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Not everyone can afford to buy brand new tires every time. Used tires are easily available in the market at discounted rates and many people sue them to save budget. However, one should know the right procedure to inspect these tires. Here you go:

The first thing that you should check when buying a used tire is the age. Experts recommend that tire more than five years old should not be purchased, as they do not have long life. For checking this, you should read the date written on the sidewall of the tire. This date is written in the format of week/year and it is usually composed of four digits. Once you are satisfied with the age of the tire, the next step is to observe the structure and see if both the pairs are equal in size or not. Not only is this, but the thread and pattern of thread on both the pairs should also be equal. If you find a difference of thread, do not buy those tires.

Some experts are of the view that it is imperative to check the scratches and repair signs on the tire before purchasing. Since we are buying a used set of tires, it is likely that it will not be in the similar condition as new ones  but still the tires should be in acceptable condition. For this inspection, you have to check the tires from inside. If there are some patches, then this shows that the tire has been repaired. Such tires usually do not have a very long life but you can still buy them if the seller is ready to give them at cheap price. In addition to this, you should also check the tires for dry rots. Tire inspection takes time, so examine the condition carefully and do not buy the set, if you find some dry rots on it. Since tires are an imperative part of your car, they should be purchased after proper examination. Besides wasting your money, bad quality tires can also result in accidents.

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