How to clean your car interior

Written By Fred Patrick


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Whether you have a brand new luxurious car or an old one, maintenance is essential. It has been observed that people only focus on the exterior of the car. Wax, paint retouching, spray paints are commonly used for the exterior finish. However, one cannot deny the importance of interior of the car. In this article, we will discuss a simple procedure to clean your car’s interior. Here you go:


-          Collecting tools

The first step before cleaning your car’s interior is to collect some tools for it. You will require a hand vacuum cleaner, some interior sprays for shine and luster. Some air fresheners, a soft towel, new car seat covers, and a soft brush.

-          Vacuuming the carpet and mats

Once you have collected all the tools, your next step is to take the carpet and mats out of the car. Use either a brush or the towel to clean dust from the floor. Now vacuum the mats and the carpet outside the car. You can also give the carpet to a dry cleaner or buy a new one if you want.

-          Changing seat covers

When you clean the interior of the car, it will be insane if you do not change the seat covers. New seats covers will give you a new and refreshing feel. It is not essential to spend huge amount in buying leather seat covers every time. You can also buy some other seat covers of average price.

-          Dusting the compartments

After taking out the carpets and the seat covers, clean the compartments with a soft and clean towel. Throw if you see some wrappers of snacks or any useless papers.

-          Cleaning the cargo space


After the compartments, come towards the cargo space and use a hand brush to clean this area. It is likely that it will require more efforts as you keep your luggage here.

Once you are done with the cleaning process, hang an air freshener in the car and use a shining spray for the front dashboard. It will give it luster and shine. Your car is now ready; you will definitely feel a big change in it. If your car has become old and the interior looks dull and boring, you can buy a new one with no credit check auto dealers. 2nd chance auto loans are the best solution for buying car of your choice. Besides this, you can also buy a car through in house auto financing Houston.