How often one should change the air filter

Written By Fred Patrick

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Air filter play an important role when it comes to the general average of the car and that is the reason why mechanics give important to this aspect. Several car care agencies focus on this perspective and they believe in this ideology that people should consider it as normal maintenance equipment and change it after a certain period of time. Keeping a dirty air filter in the car would negatively affect the performance of the car in the longer-run. The engine air filter should be changed after a specified time frame and this time frame varies with one manufacturer to another. Chevrolet for instance claims that people should change the air filter after every 45,000, miles but Ford says that people should change this after 30000 miles. Hyundai believes that drivers should change it after 30,000 miles but in severe conditions of driving, they should change the air filter after every 15000 miles.

When you find black areas in the filter then this would depict that the filter is ready to be changed. They are very easy to locate and people can find them right beside the engine of the car. There are options through which people can also clean up the air filter of their cars but cleaning would not be an option in the longer-run because after a certain period of time same black particles would stick on the filter. Air filters that are clogged would directly affect the fuel economy of the car and would certainly create problems for the individual. Affected air filters can negatively affect the acceleration of the car by 6% to 11%. This would result in the gradual performance loss, as acceleration is hard to notice. A good idea in this regard is to check the filter of the car after a certain period of time and this would enhance the effectiveness of the car.

There are certain important options to check this aspect and another proper option is to consult a mechanic in this regard. There are certain dealers that can help people about this perspective. When buying used cars from different dealer’s people can ask the dealers about the performance of air filters and this would benefit them. There are different dealers and dealerships in Houston that can offer tremendous help to individuals about this perspective. People should consult proper individuals <a href="">houston used luxury cars</a>  about this scenario as people might defraud them too at times. This should be kept in mind when individuals are opting for such aspects.