Help for women while buying cars

While more than 50% of women buy or influence the buying process of cars, most of them dread the shopping experience. This is because though they are armed with the same information and requirements, they get ripped off at car dealerships.

It’s not that they don’t know much about cars; it’s just that car salespeople believe that women don’t know much about cars and its buying process, and so take advantage of it. Moreover women who are informed and car savvy end up getting different treatment from men, and find it harder getting whatever they want.

The best way for women to overcome this treatment is by getting informed, letting the salesperson know that you want solid information, learn how to make negotiations and if the salesperson still does not give you the service you deserve, its’ better to look for someone else or a different dealership.

Walk in confidently

So do your homework before doing to the dealership. You need to decide what you want based on your budget, lifestyle, driving habits and trim features you want, and do comparison shopping. When your search has narrowed, learn all you can about your chosen cars like its pros and cons and any questions you have to ask.

Done with your research, you need to confidently walk into the dealership and tell a salesperson about the cars you want to see. Some salespeople may tell you all about insignificant features and nothing important.

This is when you need to take the initiative and ask the questions you’d written down while researching. Take the car out for a ride on both freeways and surface streets which checking the air conditioning, and paying attention to seat comfort.

Make negotiations

You need to start negotiating once you have chosen your car to get the best price possible. Don’t assume the price quoted is the best as there is a chance that the quoted price may have been jacked up because you are a woman. Always quote a rate lower than you are willing to pay and do not disclose your lowest price.

If the salesperson does not agree to your price, just give them your contact information and leave. The salesperson will get back to you in a few days’ time with another offer. Though this may take days or a week, the longer you negotiate, the lower the price usually goes.

No matter how well informed you may prove you are, there are some salespeople who still don’t’ take you seriously. It’s better to switch salespeople or dealerships if this happens to you so that you can at least prove your potential and actually make your own decision to buy your own car!