Find A Mercedes Today

Find A Mercedes Today

Written By Fred Patrick

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Finding a Mercedes does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. There are some key points to follow in order to find a Mercedes in a quick amount of time. Many individuals have used the key points presented here, and all of these people found success.


Mercedes is the number one car to purchase online. This can be either from a traditional dealership, from a used dealership, or even from an individual. The reason why is because a Mercedes will always come with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate can be traced to the dealership where this car was originally put on display.  If a Mercedes does not have a certificate of authenticity, there is a major problem.

Old Is Not Bad

Many people want a Mercedes, but they want a brand new one with chrome rims and all of the extras. This is good if you have a salary that is approximately five hundred thousand dollars a year. For the common person, however, this can be a hard road to travel. There is an alternative, and that would be to purchase an older Mercedes.

Almost every used car lot has at least two old Mercedes vehicles. They may be old, but they will run great, and they keep a great look, too. If people are lucky, they may find a used Mercedes without many miles on it. This is similar to hitting the lottery. Some people have found Mercedes ranging from the year 2000 to 2004, and these vehicles did not cost more than five thousand dollars. They are out there, but it is important to search all used car lots within the local area.

Add Another Bill to Your Life

Another thing you can do is visit a traditional dealership and finance a Mercedes. However, this will add another monthly bill to your life. Moreover, even a used Mercedes will have payments of at least two hundred dollars a month.

The only way to get around this would be to go to a dealership with at least six thousand dollars. This type of up front payment usually knocks down the monthly payment by fifty percent. So, a two hundred dollar a month payment will be one
hundred dollars a month.

Before You Buy

Before you purchase a Mercedes, whether old or new, there are a few things to consider. The first thing is that gas is expensive, and a Mercedes will run out of gas quickly, especially if the car speeds down the highway everyday.

Another thing to consider is insurance. This type of vehicle is like having a trophy made out of gold or the autograph of your favorite actor; you do not want anything to happen to it. With that being said, you must pay for insurance that will cover the entire car every single month. These expenses plus the monthly payment can easily add up to one thousand dollars or even more. It is important to do the homework before taking the test.