Extend the life of your car

<h2> What are some of the important tips to extend the life of your car </h2>
Written By Fred Patrick

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When you own a car, it is more than validation of owning a driving license and it is a big investment. Since, gigantic amount is on stake then people should always take care of their respective cars. This would allow then enhance resale value and they can available beneficial results through this approach. This would also ensure effective performance in peak season and you can go on long tours on your respective car. Several individuals that offer numerous tips for managing the car but there are certain tips that can ensure proper maintenance of your respective car. Some of these tips are stated below:

1.      Reading the car manual is an important strategy because the car manual would give an in depth analysis of the car and that is why strategists believe that they should read the car manual in detail. The car manual provides vital maintenance information that would range from fluid changing to general body parts maintenance.
2.      Changing the oil of the car after every 3000-5000 miles along with the air and oil filter would enhance the fuel average and the performance of the car. This strategy would also enhance the life of the engine.
3.      Rotate the tires of your car after a certain period of time as instructed by the car manual. Usually, car tires should be rotated after 6000 to 8000 miles. This would extend the life of the tires.
4.      Parking the car in the garage and managing it with a shade would allow the car to remain in original color. The body is safe through this perspective and the car of the car is not deteriorated.
5.      Flush the radiator after every two years because this would the car to extend the life of the engine and remove the dust particles.
6.      The timing belt of the car is an important perspective that would allow the engine to suffer if it is not replaced properly.
7.      Change the brake pads, brake oil after a certain period of time because this aspect would ensure safety of the car.
8.      Wash the car on regular basis to avoid any dust particles to stick on the surface of the car.

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