Engine Cleaning Houston

Written By Fred Patrick


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Engine cleaning is one of the most important steps one should take to ensure long life of the car. In this article, we will talk about how to do engine cleaning. Here you go:

For cleaning the engine, you should have a proper temperature. An ideal temperature to clean engine is warm. Touch the engine with your finger, if you can resist the heat without a burning feel then it is the perfect warm temperature. In the meanwhile, close those areas that are sensitive to water such as the oil dipstick, air filter, coil, distributor etc. For covering these areas, use baggies and rubber band. Once you are sure that you have properly sealed all sensitive areas and the engine is in warm temperature, it is time to start the cleaning process. You should have good quality degreasers. They are easily available at car shops or you can also buy it online. Start cleaning from the bottom.


After spraying the degreaser, leave it for five to ten minutes. Now, use a soft towel to clean the engine. Make sure that the towel is of cotton and it is of good quality. Good quality towels readily absorb grease and petrol. In case if there are heavy traces of grease, use a soft brush and gently brush it. At times, it is hard to clean engine in one go. If you have not cleaned it since long, you will definitely require more efforts to clean it completely. If you can still see traces of greases, spray the degreaser again and then sponge up with towel. Once you are done with it, rinse the area with towel. Now use a dry towel to clean the area. You can also use paper towel to dry. Remove the buggies and the rubber band and use paper cleaners to clean these accessories just to make sure that there are no traces of water. Thus, engine cleaning is simple and if you do it every month, you can definitely notice an improvement in your car’s performance.


If your car is not in good condition and you want to buy a new one, opt for in-house auto financing Houston TX. Make sure to practice a maintenance plan for the new car so that you can keep it in good condition this time. If you have not cleaned your engine since ages and it is creating huge problems for you, car dealerships in Houston can help you in buying a new car. Besides this, you can also buy a new car through in house financing auto dealers.