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<h1> What to do when you are unable to give car installment? Dealerships in Houston will help</h1> 


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By Fred Patrick


When you buy a car on lease, you have to give some amount on monthly basis to the dealer. In case, you do not give this amount on time, you will have to bear the penalty. If you are very late then according to the policy, the company will take the car back from you, as it is their right. In this article, we will discuss that what can you do if you are unable to give the installment of your car. 


A sudden loss of job or a loss in your business may put you in crises and thus you will face difficulty in repaying the loan of your car. In this case, the first thing that is essential is to contact with your dealer. Do not make lame excuses but tell him the truth. Some dealers have plan for these circumstances. They can ask you to skip the payment for one month and then they will adjust this at the last month along with the higher rate of interest. Giving high interest is far better than losing your car. On the other hand, some dealers also have the option of date extension. Yes, according to the condition, they can extend the due date for your convenience.



Another option for you is to *refinance your car*. Yes, many opt for refinancing when they face sudden crises and are unable to repay the car loan. However, the terms and conditions for getting your car refinanced are very tough. The company will check every detail and most importantly your credit score should be high otherwise you will not be able to refinance your car.


The third option in this situation is to sell your car. Yes, selling your car is better than losing it. People, who are unable to afford the monthly installments, sell their cars as a last resort. Among these three options, the first one of contacting with your dealer is the most suitable. So, trust your dealer and see whether he can help you or not. Dealerships in Houston are very reliable and helpful. **Houston car dealers** have a separate plan for these situations and they are ready to help person in need of due date extensions. Try to buy your car from the buy here pay here car lots; it is due to the reason that the process of such cars are simple and less time taking. Besides this, in house financing auto dealers are also helpful in this regard.