Credit problems? Use in house financing Houston to buy your luxury car


How long have you been harbouring a dream to own a Mercedes Benz? How much longer do you plan to leave it a dream? If a bad credit score is the main reason for your delay, there is a solution available. You can always visit one of the many used luxury car lots and buy your dream car with in house financing Houston.


In house financing is usually resorted to by others as a last resort as they have higher interest rates. But for people like you with a bad credit, this may be the answer to your dreams. Not only people with bad credit, in house financing is also a better car loan option for people with ongoing credit problems or who have no credit history at all.


So now you know you can buy your dream car with in house auto financing, here are some reasons to buy a used luxury car than a new one. It goes without saying that a used car is a cheaper and more affordable option than buying a brand new luxury car.


Better driving experience


In fact, its better buying a good, clean, used Mercedes Benz than a brand new Corolla car which costs the same. This is because the driving experience in a used Mercedes Benz is definitely much more special than driving a brand new Toyota corolla car. This is the best reason to buy a used luxury car.


Extended warranties


Unlike buying other second hand and used cars, used luxury cars come with third party extended warranties. Just make sure you do your shopping to ensure the extended warranty you buy covers most of the things in the car which may go wrong.


You can learn a lot by joining online forums dedicated to your chosen Mercedes Benz model. Take note of whatever people say goes most awry in the car and make sure the extended warranty you buy covers this problem.


Reduced depreciation


While new cars lose as much as 50% of its value over 4 years’ time, used luxury cars depreciate much lesser. While this varies from model to model, depreciation for an economical car is more than depreciation for a luxury car.


So looking at the reduced depreciation, extended warranties and better driving experience, it gives you much more reason to buy your used Mercedes Benz using in house financing Houston even if you have credit problems.