Commendable features of BMW Z4

Written By Fred Patrick

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BMW Z4 is the right option for those who are looking for a sophisticated and stylish roadster. In this article, we will see the features and specifications of this car. Here you go:
This new and stylish car comes with a quick folding hardtop. You can enjoy the natural climate by folding the hardtop with just a click of a button. On the other hand, if the weather is cold, and you want a warm temperature, close the top and enjoy the interior ambience. Z4 can accommodate two persons at a time and comes with a six speed manual transmission. There is an option of an M Sport suspension and the car comes with a Twinpower Turbo technology. Rear wheel drive is standard in the car and it gets an EPA of 22 mpg at city and 34 mpg at highway. Test drivers are of the view that the base model is fuel-efficient. Besides this, the braking system is also commendable and the visibility is great.

BMW lovers are well aware of the fact that BMW provides great apps to its buyers. Like every other model, Z4 is also equipped with multiple apps that make your driving experience memorable. With these apps, you can stay connected with the world and can carry on your office communications on the go. Not only is this, but there are many features in the car that helps the driver in driving better. Through the route app, the drivers can get the convenience of viewing different routes and the parking assist system is great for parking the car safely. In addition to this, the car also provides real time traffic information and commendable safety features to protect the passengers on the go.

In this new model, the technology package and some other optional packages came with revised features. In total, this car is a perfect luxury package and it maintains the dignity and unique styling of BMW. Few critics of the car are related to the four-cylinder engine but it still got great ratings due to high performance and modern amenities. Luxury cars are high in price but you can still buy it in your budget. People buy used cars at a reduced price in comparison to the brand new cars. You can also find this car among the old cars for sale online. Have a ride with pride in this luxurious car and book it online through a reliable dealer.