Causes of car battery failures

Written By Fred Patrick


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Most of the car owners get worried when their car battery stops working all of a sudden. Car battery is delicate and there are some precautions that need to be taken for a long battery life. In this article, we will discuss some causes of failure in car battery. Here you go:


-          Overcharging

One of the most common causes of battery failure is overcharging. At times, we charge the battery so much that it fails in working properly. Therefore, it is imperative to read the instructions given with the manual and charge the battery in accordance with it. Some people ignore these instructions and keep on charging the battery. It is thus imperative to be careful when charging the car battery.


-          Extreme winter or extreme summer season

Both the seasons, either extreme summer or extreme winter is not good for your car battery. In the summer season, the fluid of the battery evaporates and then it becomes dangerous for your battery. On the other hand, in the winter season, the fluid becomes dry. In this way, both the extreme seasons are not good for the battery.


-          Keeping the car unused for several days


If the car is kept unused for several days, the battery becomes dead. It is due to this reason that car experts’ advice to start the car after every fifteen days if you are not using it. Even if your car is a luxury car, you still have to keep it in use. In some cases, when people are going for long vacations, they leave the car in car mechanic garage so that they can charge the battery and their car will stay in good condition.

These are three main reasons due to which the car battery becomes dead. It is imperative to buy a battery of good quality and use it according to the instructions given by the mechanic. Do not charge it for so long and make sure that you have kept it clean. Keep it away from grease and dust and get your car inspected from a professional mechanic every month. If your car has become too old and the battery is in no more good condition, selling your car to a dealer for cash is simple. Through an online website, you can easily sell your car for cash today. Besides this, you can also sell your junk car for cash. Maintain the car in good condition or sale it if it has become old.