Car in the winter season

<h1> How to take care of your car in the winter season </h1>
Written By Fred Patrick

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The winter season usually is a tough season for cars because most of the old cars create trouble while starting. They break down in the harsh weather and the battery does not support the engine. People should always take care of their respective cars because if they are not aware of this fact that it is highly probable that they might face negative consequences. An investment of few dollars and an hour or two would not cause much problem. IT would reduce the trouble and hassle of starting the car in cold season. There are certain steps that drivers and car owners should utilize in order to save themselves from long term hassle. Some of these important steps are given below:

1.      Tuning up the car should be done before winter because the harsh weather of winter season would enhance the roughness in the car and it might be possible that the car cannot start properly.
2.      Cold weather is very hard on batteries and that is why people should try their level best to charge up their batteries before the season starts.
3.      Antifreeze agents are helpful for the cars because these agents helps the car to organize their temperature and this scenario should be done after every two years.
4.      The wipers, washer fluids, defrosters should be checked properly. This would help the driver in this season to wipe of the glass and generate heat in the car.
5.      Special tires should be opted in the scenario of snow because normal tires would not work properly in such scenarios.
6.      The braking system should be checked too because in this season brakes also creates problems.
7.      Car owners should work on their exhausts system too because this can be dangerous in the scenario of carbon monoxide leakages.
8.      Dirt oil can create trouble in the engine and that is why people should always change their oil and air filter on time in this season.

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