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<h1> Different types of gas for your car </h1>

Written By Fred Patrick


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When it comes to gas of a car, there are different categories available in the market. These categories are classified with numbers. At times, people also use a lower level of gas and do not go for the one recommended by the car’s manual. In this case, the car faces problem in the long run. In this article, we will talk about different categories of car gas. Here you go:

Many of us are aware of the fact that gasoline is made from crude oil. This gasoline is then refined and in this way different categories are formed, based on the pressure and refinement. American Society tests these different types of gas for Testing Materials (ASTM) depending on their level of compression. If you notice, you can see the anti-knock index displayed at the handle of pump on the yellow colored sticker. This index number is the grade given by the testing society and it is based on the criteria that the lower the pressure, the lower will be the grade. Besides this, you can also observe the formula written on the gas rating. 


This formula is based on the result of two different gas tests. The first test is called the Motor Octane Number (MON) that is based on actual road conditions while the other one is based on laboratory test and it is called the Research Octane Number (RON).


According to a research, engineers predict that one should increase the compression ratio of engine if it is desired to boost up the power of the car. In other words, the car’s power can also be increased based on the pressure of the engine that it puts on the fuel and air before being ignited. In comparison to low-grade gasses, high and middle grade gasses put higher pressure on the fuel mix and the air. Thus, by using a low-grade gas, the car can face a number of problems. It is due to the reason that the gas explodes before time. It is advisable to read the car’s manual and then purchase things accordingly.


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