Cadillac Escalade 2014

<h1> The paramount SUV is here. Why buy the Cadillac Escalade 2014 </h1>
Written By Fred Patrick

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The 2014 Cadillac Escalade sets beyond a bold impression in the line-up of its model since production, as the new Escalade is a symbol of high-end executive vehicle. The new Escalade comes with a marginal impeccability in the name of Escalade Hybrid, as it provides feasible fuel consumptions with 1 mpg in the city and 2-3 mph on highway, and registers itself in a friendly environment contributor. The Escalade has become an American luxury starlet, and it is surprisingly easy to see that it is quicker and more responsive as a big vehicle with a lavishing interior providing seating capacity for up to eight occupants and top notch technological advancements.  You can almost forget about weight, that it is one of the heaviest luxury SUVs, thanks to a responsive powertrain and super refined chassis tuning. The high end engine performance comes from a 6.2 liter V8, with 403 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque, it can propel from 0-60 mph in about 6-5 seconds despite weighing almost 6000 pounds.

The Escalade provides enhancement in towing due to an abundance of low-end torque, along with six-speed automatic transmission. The Escalade’s imposing exterior provides a comfortable cabin that is both luxury and car plush.  It sets a notable driving impression even with 22-inch wheels, whereas the chassis gives a surprisingly responsive driving sense due to Magnetic Ride Control, a feature strongly recommended. The SUV carries a five star rating in crash tests, even though its body dates back to the 2007 model year. It is durable for front and sides, as well as a great load of weight. The Escalade is a hauling luxury with respect to its interior layout, it mainly caters to VIPS and executives who mainly slide in and sway to the landscape of the interior as it reaches a quiet and spacious level.

The Platinum is a key feature to add a more expressive look. It provides special Tehama aniline leather, heated and cooled cup holders. The facelift has LED headlights and inside - a leather-trimmed instrument panel on dashboard and many other upgrades like an eight-inch touch-screen navigation system, a Bose 5.1 Digital Sound System, cooled front seats, and power-actuated running boards. The <a href="">Cadillac Escalade 2014</a> remains the Cadillac of General Motors’ full-size-truck variant provided with car dealerships in Houston with a 2nd chance on auto loans and no credit check on auto dealers.