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<h2> The basics of car care for new drivers! </h2>


Written By Fred Patrick

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New driver are usually very excited to drive the drive. However, it is imperative to let them know the basics of car care so that they do not encounter any problem on the go. Here are some basic tips for car care.

The new drivers should know that the car needs inspection and care. There are monthly maintenance plans that are followed every month. It is essential that before sitting in the car, the new car driver should go through the car manual and understand the functions and features of the car. He should know the usage of all the features and assistance system of the car. Other things about which the new driver should know includes battery checking, engine inspection, fluid change, tire inspection, internal compartment maintenance, lighting checkup, climate control system, and much more.



There are some important fluids such as transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, windshield solvent, and coolant system lubricating fluid, about which the new driver should have knowledge. He must know a good quality brand of these fluids and the time when they should be used. Besides this, the new driver should know the alarming signs of battery problems. One should raise an eyebrow when the battery turns down immediately. In addition to this, new drivers should have knowledge regarding the braking system. The car shows signs in braking system when a sudden noise comes in braking, vibration occur in the car, and smell comes out. Not only is this, but the drivers should know about the bulges and spots on tires. They should know how to inspect them and how to check the tire pressure. In some luxury cars, tire pressure system is present in which the pressure is automatically indicated. However, if in some cars, it is not present, one should know when to take the car for checking the tire pressure.



In addition to this, knowledge of hoses and belts is also essential. New drivers should also know about the car maintenance tips in winters so that they will not encounter any problem in this season. It is better to buy a middle class car for new drivers. If you are planning to buy a car for your teenage child, consider <a href="">cars for sale in Houston TX</a>, which are available at affordable prices. Besides this, you can also buy used cars Houston or consult with in house financing auto dealers to buy a middle range car.