Buy Lexus IS250

<h1>All Reasons to buy Lexus IS250 </h1>
Written By Fred Patrick

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The IS250 gives you a promising 24 mpg on average. Although, the gas mileage is not as efficient as hybrid cars, the Lexus IS does a better gas mileage than any other standard model. For many of us, safety comes first. Therefore, the IS250 handles smoothly via strengthened chassis and fine-tuned suspension, allowing corner turns with ease.

 The steering navigation is also improved as you are able to react to unexpected obstacles quickly, and alsobigger wheels, which not only improves the look of the car but also provides better handling in a firm grip to the road in taking turns and smoother drive stretches.It has insightful parking assistance with sensors integrated into the front, rear and at bumpers to detect surrounding obstacles while you are parking parallel. It creates audible tones and indications on the display, notifying you about an object, helping you with routine parking.

The IS 250 comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission, 2.5 liter V6 engine with 204 horsepower and acceleration reaching 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds. An all-wheel drive that provide enhanced traction.
The IS250 has numerous safety features, including a blind spot monitor, lane change monitor, four-wheel brakes and multiple air bags. In crash testing, it is tested to be exceptionally strong ensuring driver’s trust for protection.As ease and comfort are safeguarded, it provides wide, cushy seats heated and ventilated, allowing you a warm sensation during winter and cool during summer.

The IS 250 has a tiered dashboard and wide leather seats, making it a design that not only looks attractive but provides you an ease of access to all functions quickly without having to deviate your sight off the road and getting distracted. Also included are the controls that give you better handling as you can soften or sharpen the car’s response and handling as what features you function.

The IS 250 has top-tier technology inside; including a 15-speaker sound system, touch control dashboard system and windshield wipers that are activated by rain. The 2014 model is spacious, resolves previous complains of cramped back seat. The IS 250 provides a larger back seat with improved comfort features with more push upholstery and leg room.One of the key features of the IS is the front grille, in addition to the sloping lines of the sleek exterior. The spindle shaped grille contributes to a sportier