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<h1> Mercedes Benz C Class v BMW 3 Series: Buy here, pay here, Houston TX </h1>

<h2> Written by Fred Patrick </h2>

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The compact executive class has its own intrinsic captivation with the new C-Class, pulling no surprise in boasting sleeker exterior design and even more roomier and practical interior. There’s no stop to the efficient engine, yet standing in the way is a class champ, the BMW 3 Series with its sublime driving experience, low running costs and above reproach image.  Head-to-head these two rivals are going to be measured in suspension, transmission, emissions, engine and value of money.

The Mercedes gets the standard adaptive dampers as they are becoming commonplace, while BMW has it optional. However, the Mercedes goes better by adapting air-suspension to the compact executive class. It has option to the Sport and AMG, while an inspired S-Class kit has a manual-leveling function; also it lowers the car on highways to provide smooth aerodynamics.  Plus, it is also possible to raise height by 2.5cm. The 3 Series and C-Class are practically designed and aimed at business class; therefore, greenhouse gas emissions are a significant factor. The BMW emits 199 g/km of Carbon Dioxide, while Mercedes has the lowest with its 106g/km figure. Still, lower-powered-environment-friendly models of the BMW are also available, reaching around 109g/km CO2 emission.

The transmission limits the comparison of both class executives, as the Mercedes C-Class has 7G-Tronic box fitted, while the best of it is the 3 Series’ smooth eight-speed transmission. Engine-wise, both cars are broadly appealing; although the C-Class only offers one petrol option, because compact executive C-Class focuses on economy as more important than ravines. Despite of this, the BMW perseveres, offering effortless six cylinder twin-turbo petrol, which gets the car from 0-62 mph under six seconds. Both models are fairly generous with equipment as now even the cheapest 3 Series specifications comes with climate and cruise control, i-Drive with 6.5-inch screen, Bluetooth, automatic boot opening and Drive Performance Control. Of course you can consider self-parking assistance and sound system options. However, the Mercedes is similarly generous. A premium car manufactured for allowing you to expect more if paying extra, additionally expensive than the equivalent BMW.

In conclusion, low running costs, sparkling dynamics and decent equipment sends the BMW a race apart in victory over the Mercedes C-Class influencing the car dealerships in Houston. The BMW just offers a complete package and is easy to find in Houston dealerships also in 2nd chance financing auto loans, while the Mercedes C- Class stays behind with rough diesel power train and disappointing driving dynamics.