A review of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013

Written By Fred Patrick

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Suzuki Grand Vitara was the last car that was produced by Suzuki in United States. Due to this distinction, many Suzuki lovers had a test drive of this car. This article will provide a review of this car. Here you go:
Grand Vitara is equipped with features like automatic climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. These features are provided as standard in the car while the rivals do not have these features as standard. They provide it as an option that adds up to the total cost of the car. On one hand, the car has an edge of having these modern standard features but on the other hand, it has some critics regarding the fuel-economy. Experts are of the view that there is a huge difference between the fuel-economy of Grand Vitara and its rivals. Competitors got high ratings in this regard. This crossover is available in three different trim levels. The base trims level, Premium, and the Limited one. Standard features in the base trim level includes full power accessories, Bluetooth with streaming audio, keyless entry, 16-inch steel wheels, a trip computer, an integrated Garmin navigation system, real-time traffic, and much more.

In addition to this, the car is embedded with a five speed manual transmission and comes with a four-cylinder engine with the capacity of 2.4 liters. Other versions of the car come with a four speed automatic transmission and more enhanced features. As far as the fuel-economy is concerned, it gets an EPA of 19 mpg at city and 25 mpg at highway. Not only is this, but it got great ratings for the interior cabin. The compartments and the features of the interior are commendable. Navigation system and touch screen works perfectly and are user-friendly. Besides this, there is a huge list of safety features and one can add more features through optional packages.

Overall, the car comes with impressive functions but there are issues with the drive and the fuel-economy. However, the car suits those who want a low price car and are not concerned much about quality driving. Since shipping car cross country is now simple and takes less time, you can book the car online. You can buy a used version of this car along with an extra car warranty. If you are short of cash, you can lease or buy a car through any reliable dealers. Leasing a car through an online website is also possible.