A guide about car tire inspection

Written By Fred Patrick

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When it comes to car inspection, every part of the car needs to be inspected in in detail. Whether we talk about engine, battery, or tires, everything needs care and maintenance. This is the only solution for providing a long life to your car. Just like engine maintenance, inspection is equally important. In this article, we will discuss about inspecting the car tires. This inspection should especially be done when winters are about to come.

-          Checking the thread
Pay special attention to the tires in your weekly maintenance plan. Keep an eye on the thread of the tire. Experts believe that the tread wear is a reasonable indicator to change the tires.  Before taking your car to the mechanic, check the tires yourself through some tricks. It is believed that the depth of the thread should not be less than 1.6m. So check the thread depth at home through a penny. Put the Abe’s head down, now see if the head is visible or not. If you can clearly see the entire head, it is time to head towards the car shop.

-          Even side walls can cause problems
Tire inspection should not be solely based on thread. Some problems in the tires can also occur due to the cuts and scrapes on the side of the walls. After checking the thread, notice the sidewalls. Cuts on these walls are the result of leakage. If these cuts are present, it is not a big issue. Simply take your car to a repair shop and get your tires repaired.

-          Check the bulges and blisters
The third step of inspection is to notice the bulges and blisters on the outer layer of the tire. They can blow out a tire suddenly and put you in trouble. Therefore, it is better to repair the tire immediately if you notice these signs.

In short, tires are an imperative part of your car. Whether you are having a luxurious car or a second hand car, inspection of the tire is essential. Besides this, always go for high quality tires as they provide good support and will not cause any trouble. If you have a junk car and the tires are in worst condition, you can even sell your junk car for cash easily. Websites that say ‘we buy any car’ are the right platform to sell your old car with poor tires. Thus, selling your car to a dealer for cash is simple and you can!.