9 Cars with the best seats

Comfort is very important while looking for a new car. There’s no point buying a Rolls Royce with uncomfortable church benches! Both the look and feel of the seats are important and can add lots of appeal to the car with its amicable experience. So here is a list of cars you won’t want to leave!
1.      Citroen DS5 may not look comfortable, but its interior and seating give it a reason to be on this list. The seats are beautifully designed with a ‘watch strap effect’. Its exceptional leather and stitching give it a good feel more premium than it is. The seats are not only comfortable and supportive, but also give massages on the move.
2.      BMW 6-series is a long distance car with supreme standard seats. The seats provide excellent support on the sides with exemplary cushions in the seat. The leather makes you feel like you are in a very expensive car while its headrest make you feel like your head is on a pillow!
3.      Bentley Continental GT or Grand Tower has beautiful seats to give you a comfortable ride for miles. Its soft, quilted leather is sublime to look at and very comfortable. Some models have seats with colored piping for added class.
4.      Mercedes-Benz S-Class is luxurious, iconic and advanced. Though the seats may not provide much side support while cornering, they are extraordinary and comfortable. Its different massage settings help you reach the exact specification. Its back seats are better; you can ask for a physical cushion with rear head restraints or buy a package replacing the usual three rear seats with two luxurious reclining thrones with an extendible foot rest.
5.      Range Rover is spacious and has great seats which provide a great massage service. There’s no middle seat but its two larger nice seats make you feel like you’re on an Airbus A380!
6.      Volvo XC90 have seats which are not only the most functional in the world, they are so beautiful, comfortable and supportive you don’t want to get out of them.
7.      Rolls-Royce Phantom have seats which don’t disappoint. They are beautifully designed with a high quality fit which makes you feel guilty sitting on as you may dirty them.
8.      Maserati Quattroporte has high quality leather seats with a lovely touch which are both supportive and comfortable. While the car may not be the most comfortable in the world, its seats do shelter you from road imperfections.
9.      Ford Focus/Fiesta ST both have Recaro sport bucket seats, the best fitted to a sports car. Its side bolstering wraps around and squeezes you in place but are very comfortable wherein some young buyers buy these vehicles only for their seats! You can choose between a full leather and partial leather seats with inserts of your color to add vibrancy and enhances the interior’s sporty ambience.